Natural Dry Skin Remedies

A lot of people will suffer from dry skin. This appears in the area of the mouth, cheek and under the eyes. The softness of the skin is gone and the fine lines show around the mouth along with some dry patches that are seen under the eyes. In most cases skin becomes dry from … Continue reading “Natural Dry Skin Remedies”

A lot of people will suffer from dry skin. This appears in the area of the mouth, cheek and under the eyes. The softness of the skin is gone and the fine lines show around the mouth along with some dry patches that are seen under the eyes. In most cases skin becomes dry from hard water, the sun and wind. Before buying any products or visiting a doctor, there are some home remedies that you can try to make your own dry skin cream.

Dry Skin

The dryness of skin can form almost anywhere on the body, and is mostly seen only in elderly people. Other than cold winter weather conditions, other things such as ointments, soaps, medications, perfumes and powder can be harmful to skin, especially when a person grows older. Also bathing too much and as a result it will take away all of the protective natural oils that are in the body. Too much bathing or usage of hot water can cause the skin to become dry and the dehydration of your skin. And the use of soaps that are chemical based will cause dryness of the skin too.

One very important thing that you shall need to understand is that you will certainly want to begin eating all natural foods. You need to consume foods that are known to be enriched with vitamins, minerals and protein. The problem of dry skin can be treated and cured by eating foods such as carrots, fish, eggs, rice, cream nuts, peas, spinach, legumes, mushrooms, cauliflower, several other kinds of vegetables and fresh fruits.

You can try this home remedy of applying a cream made of banana, avocado and papaya. Allow it to dry for around 15 minutes and then remove the cream with warm water. Another one is to make a paste from egg yolk, some milk powder and honey. Again just apply to the face and let dry for 10 to 15 minutes, only wash your face with cooler water. One other home remedy is by using a cucumber for your treatment to correct dryness of your skin. Apply the cream onto the face and any other area where the skin is dry.

This is a very great remedy as it will moisturize your skin naturally and leave your skin feeling and looking so much younger would you choose to just purchase something, then be sure that the product contains vitamins, A, C, E and also vitamin B complex, as these are the best and basic requirements should have these vitamins included into the product. Practice some good skin care each day and you can expect skin that will leave you looking younger and healthier.

If making your own dry skin remedies is not your thing then you can look for natural moisturizers in a cream or lotion. Natural oils will work in combination with your body’s own oil making you supple and tone. Look for oils such as avocado, grapeseed and jojoba and some natural emollients such as babassu and shea butter. These will heal your dry skin and give you moist and younger looking skin.
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Losing Weight is All About How Well You Manage Yourself! 4 Important Keys You Must Know

Losing accumulated fat can be intimidating but if you are determined to lose that fat then you can certainly win the battle of the bulge. You can follow these tips on how to lose inches in just weeks and ensure that you remain slim and fit for life…

Losing Weight

Tip 1 – Start fat-burning exercises. Much as you might hate it, you will have to start an exercise routine to get your metabolism to speed up and burn the fat from within your body itself.

You need not get into top gear from the very first day. A walk around the block, cycling, swimming or simple cardio exercises along with plenty of stretching exercises should be enough. You are certain to get motivated enough to move on to intense exercises once you notice the positive effects of exercise on your body.

Tip 2 – Ensure that your diet starves the fat. Your diet should now be decided with the help of an expert dietician. You should avoid carbohydrates derived from refined flour, fried and fatty foods and instead concentrate on consuming foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc.

Grilled lean meats and vegetables with light sauces and sprinkled with lemon or pepper can offer tasty alternatives to deep fried red meats filled with fat.

A little healthy fat along with adequate amounts of proteins and carbohydrates will in fact help you to remain alert and fresh all day long instead of feeling sluggish after a heavy meal filled with fatty food.

Tip 3 – Announce your decision to your loved ones. You should announce your decision to lose that fat to your loved ones. This will not only provide you with warm support as each loved one eggs you on to stick to your decision but will also turn you into a more responsible person as you will now be watched intently by those around you.

You could even turn into a role model once you start losing those stubborn pounds and might also be joined by those close to you in a collective bid to lose weight.

Tip 4 – Move past any interruptions. Whether you are down for some days due to a common cold or lose track of your diet due to a wedding in the family, make sure to collect the required willpower to step right back into your plan. In a weight-loss program there might be several interruptions but the program must go on.

Do not get disheartened but instead resolve yourself to stick to your program by understanding and mastering your weakness while building on your strengths.

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4 Sure Fire Weight Loss Keys You Should Implement Right Away! Doing This Will Make it Easier

If you have tried various diets but have not succeeded in losing weight then do not lose hope. You need to know about the important keys that need to be used if you want to keep on losing weight consistently and also keep it that way. Use these vital tips to find out those weight-losing keys…

Weight Loss

o Cutting down on all carbohydrates is not a good strategy. If you think that by cutting down drastically on all your carbohydrates you will lose weight then you would be mistaken.

Complex carbohydrates found in most vegetables, fruits and grains can actually help you to lose weight naturally while providing your body with vital vitamins and fibre required for better digestion. You should definitely avoid carbohydrates derived from refined flour, sodas, etc that offer no important nutrients to your body.

o A crash diet might only end in a crash. Instead of trying to lose 10 pounds in a week and shocking your body in an adverse manner, you should go in for a slow but steady reduction of weight.
This will allow your body to cope up with internal changes without making you dizzy or causing unwanted side-effects like sagging skin or ugly stretch marks.

A diet that allows moderate intake of lean meats and fats and high intake of vegetables and fruits will serve you well in the long run and you will be able to stick with such a diet without any problem.

o Do not skip meals or exercises. Since your diet depends on regular intake of low calorie foods and adequate exercise to burn off accumulated fat, cheating on either fronts will stop the weight loss.
Do not shift back to eating huge meals and then skipping snacks as this will make your digestive system sluggish. Skipping exercises regularly will slow down your metabolism and increase the danger of sprains when you try to catch up in desperation.

o Do not cut down on water. Many people cut down on water believing that it will lead to rapid weight loss. Water has no calories and cutting down will only lead to dehydration.

You should drink adequate amounts of water and when accompanied by exercise, you are sure to sweat off any unwanted water without harming your body in any way. You should not replace plain water with fizzy sodas although you can drink carbonated water without any calories if you get bored.

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How to Lose Belly Fat and Get the Abs Women Dream of Fast! Stunning Keys You Can't Miss

If you have let yourself fall prey to a fatty diet and have forgotten how the interior of a gym looks like, then you would most probably have been rewarded with a beer belly.
Here are tips that could help you lose belly fat and get the abs women dream of.

Lose Belly Fat

Take a hard look at your diet. Your current diet could be leading you towards some serious trouble in the forthcoming years and you will have to quickly ditch your unhealthy diet. Shift to a diet that is high in proteins but low in carbohydrates and fats. Eat healthy and natural food instead of processed and artificial food. Most foods that are grilled instead of fried taste extremely good and you might not even notice the lack of oil in such foods.
Get serious about your workout routine. You will have to initially start out with a fat-burning routine such as swimming, walking or aerobics along with a weight training routine to build killer abs along with other muscles of your body. This will help you to burn fat and convert those proteins into rock hard muscles. You should stay committed to your routine and slowly lower your fat-burning routine in favor of weight training as you begin to melt that fat.

You do not have to shift residence into your gym. Most people assume that they might have to slave over weights and machines for many hours every day in order to melt the fat and get 6 pack abs. The truth is that 4 days in a week with hourly gym routines are more than enough to give you the abs that you often dream of.
Convert flab to abs with these fat busting exercises. You should pay special attention to exercises that convert your flab into muscled abs. Toe touching, sit ups, forward and reverse crunches along with side crunches to melt those love handles can help you discard that stubborn beer belly. Squats with weights too can help at a later date even as your aerobics and swimming routines help in melting the fat off your body. Within a few weeks itself, you will notice rock hard abs emerging out of your flab.

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Do You Want To Beat Disease?

When it comes to disease prevention is always better than cure. However, we can’t deny the fact that diseases are here to stay. Our lifestyle choices, our genetic disposition or indeed the climate in which we find ourselves can put us in a precarious position, and before we know it we’ve succumbed to one disease or another.

Beat Disease

There are those diseases that silently creep upon us such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, and then there are the ones that we see coming. However, you don’t have to feel completely powerless once disease has manifested itself inside your mind and/or body. Based on my nursing experience, life’s experience, people’s testimonies as well as drawing from science, I’ve compiled a list of basic measures that can help you cope, alleviate, reverse some conditions and in some cases ‘overcome’ or at least improve your overall condition.

1) Know your enemy
How can you go into battle if you don’t know what you’re dealing with? Knowing how your enemy’s fighting strategies does help. Therefore, you will do well to study as much as possible about your condition. When you do so you are empowering yourself which is what you need. Someone once told me that ‘knowledge isn’t power’ but only ‘potential power’. Therefore, knowledge will only take you so far. You need to take it a step further if you’re going into this battle.

2) Change your mindset
This is a big one. It appeals to your psychological disposition. Your self-esteem, your confidence among other things. No matter what you’re facing stay positive. Believe that you will and can get better, and trust that you have enough courage and determination to fight the disease. Have you ever heard of 6 months prognosis stories that turned out to be decades. Doctors do get it wrong sometimes, or could it be the power of positive thinking!

Furthermore, negative emotions are bad for your health. Acts such as forgiving keep disease at bay? When you are holding a grudge your body reacts each time you see the person. Your heart races, blood pressure rises as your body prepares for a fight. You put a strain on your brain, your gut and your heart, and this only leads to further deterioration in your condition, therefore, get rid!

3) Surround yourself with positive people
Your environment is as important as what which is within you. Steer clear of negative people. Avoid them like the plague. Their negativity can only aid in your suffering and puts you in danger. If they don’t believe you can make it that is their problem, not yours.

You may be battling a disease but don’t forget to live. Your life is not over yet. Laugh, play, dance and give yourself a break! Remember to let your loved ones look after you too!

4) Implement
There are some basic principles in maintaining good health. Nothing replaces good nutrition, fresh air, adequate rest, exercise, sunshine, drinking water, and so on. You can’t expect to beat any disease if you don’t look after your physical self. Now is the time to implement all those health principles you’ve learnt. They are relevant no matter what kind of disease you find yourself battling.

Don’t forget to do what your doctor tells you. If it’s medication follow the prescription and report any side effects immediately. When you feel discouraged appeal to your positive mindset and don’t give up!

5) Have faith
The majority of us turn to that greater being when we are tried and tested, and it is our beliefs that can keep us going at times. Pray and practice what you believe for it is your source of strength which is what you need right now.

Fighting disease is no mean feat. It requires strength that comes both from within and without when you’re at your most vulnerable. With the right kind of disposition and fighting tools I believe anything is possible. And if in the end you succumb to your condition at least you would’ve fought a good fight and given it your all!

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